兒童主日學逢星期日下午二時至四時在 Lime Walk Methodist Church 進行。在聖餐主日學員會幫忙帶領家庭崇拜。主日學的宗旨是教導小朋友來到主前,用淺顯易懂的方式學習聖經話語和明白主耶穌在他們身上的旨意,將愛神愛人的信息傳開。
主要活動包括唱詩歌、學習聖經話語、手工藝和遊戲。還有一年一度的夏日野餐活動!主日學課程分三組:分別為 Bubbles (五歲以下) 、 Spalsh (六至十一歳) 和 Grid (十四歲以上)。主要以英語教學,五歲以下課程部分用中文教學。

Children Sunday School is held between 2-4pm at Lime Walk Methodist Church. They will be help lead a short family worship during Holy Communion Sunday. We strive to share God’s words with the children in helping them come to Jesus and to grow in knowledge for His will for them. We have 3 classes: Bubbles (under 5’s), Splash (6-11) and Grid (14+). Activities include singing praises, studying the Bible, crafts and games.


Hello from the Oxford Chinese Christian Church and it is such a blessing to meet you here. We are an independent bible-beleiving church since 1971, with a mission to disciple all nations and ages through prayer, worship and hospitality. We offer a warm welcome to people from all backgrounds, and hope that we can build lasting friendships, as well as supporting one another in the love of Jesus Christ.


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聚會地點 | Meeting at  :  Lime Walk Methodist Church, 47 Lime Walk, Headington. OX3 7AB

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