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Traffic Long Exposure



私家車 Car

car park sign.jpg

駕車的話可停在 Lime Walk 有以下路牌的車位,圖示之位置星期日可停泊三小時。

There are ample parking spaces along Lime Walk if you’re driving. Look for the sign opposite to ensure you’re parking in the right space.

巴士 Bus


There are frequent buses from Oxford city centre which pass our Church:

bus 400.jpg

在 St Aldates (Stop G5) 上車 :  

Bus 400 Park & Ride

在 Headington shops (Stop HS1) 下車

From St Aldates (Stop G5)

Bus 400 Park & Ride

alighting at Headington shops (Stop HS1)

bus 8.jpg

在 High Street / Queens Lane (Stop K4) 上車 :  

Bus 8 在 Sandfield Road 車站 下車

From High Street / Queens Lane (Stop K4) :  

Bus 8 alighting at stop adjacent to Sandfield Road

步行/單車  Walk/Cycle

lime walk.jpg

從牛津市中心步行至 Headington 大概需 30分鐘 (單車約 15分鐘),您將途經 Magdalen Bridge, St Clements, South Park,  Headington Hill 及牛津布魯克斯大學(Brookes)。

Headington is about a 30 minute walk (or 15 minute cycle) away from Oxford High Street. You’ll walk pass Magdalen Bridge, St Clements, South Park, up Headington Hill, and past Oxford Brookes University. 

圖為國語崇拜地點: Lime Walk Methodist Church

all saints highfield.jpeg

圖為廣東話崇拜地點: All Saints Highfield

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