執事會  Church Council

顧問 : 盧龍光牧師, 前香港中⽂大學崇基學院神學院院⾧
Advisor : Reverend Professor Lung Kwong Lo, retired Director of Divinity School of Chung Chi College,

Chinese University of Hong Kong

兼任牧師: 曹子光牧師

Interim Pastor : Pastor Benny Cho, Master, Alliance Bible Seminary


普通話同工 : 豐艷姊妹 

Mandarin Church Worker : Ms Feng Yan, Certificate of Theology Study Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

主席 : 馬日恆弟兄

Chairman :  Mr Sunny Ma

財政 : 何俊懿姊妹

Treasurer :  Ms Chung Ei Ho

文書 : 勞子滔醫生

Secretary :  Dr Toby Lo

執事 : 周家強弟兄

Deacon :  Mr Ka Keung Chau

執事 : 盧張秀嫻姊妹

Deacon :  Mrs Ruth Lomas

執事 : 巫冠雄弟兄

Deacon :  Mr Henry Mo


部門部長  Department Heads


崇拜部 : 黃浩子博士

Worship :  Dr Brian Wee

牧養部 : 盧張秀嫻姊妹

Pastoral :  Mrs Ruth Lomas

傳道部 : 何永光弟兄

Evangelism :  Mr Wing Kwong Ho

會務部 : 史燕娣姊妹

Administration :  Mrs Yen Tee McCoy

校園事工部 : 勞子滔醫生

Campus Ministry :  Dr Toby Lo

粵語事工部 : 吳穎殷姊妹

Cantonese Ministry :  Ms Karis Ng

國語事工部 : 周洪弟兄

Mandarin Ministry :  Mr Zhou Hong

英語事工部 : 石何堯博士

English Ministry :  Dr Yao Shi

兒童主日學統籌 : 巫冠雄弟兄

Sunday School :  Mr Henry Mo


Hello from the Oxford Chinese Christian Church and it is such a blessing to meet you here. We are an independent bible-beleiving church since 1971, with a mission to disciple all nations and ages through prayer, worship and hospitality. We offer a warm welcome to people from all backgrounds, and hope that we can build lasting friendships, as well as supporting one another in the love of Jesus Christ.


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聚會地點 | Meeting at  :  Lime Walk Methodist Church, 47 Lime Walk, Headington. OX3 7AB

OxCCC  2021